Our world is one of endless connections. We carry the memories of the past and our hopes for the future within the present. We walk. Our paths shift beneath our feet. Our passion for life and its journeys are matched only by our love for those who make that journey possible. Loss and love inspire each step we take.


Love is a strange thing. Love challenges us, breaks us at times, but always finds a way to transform us and our world. Love is impossible to define. It demands stories and action; it raises critical questions and demands those brave enough to search for the answers.  Most of all, love teaches us that you cannot be you alone. As we move through the world, our experiences and identities are shaped by the people we meet, the relationships we forge, and the moments that we share.



Where will your passion take you? What stories will be revealed? How will your love transform you and the world around you?


Sensu Magazine is committed to sharing and exploring the possibilities that love and loss inspire. Sensu celebrates the people, moments, and relationships that force us to learn, love, and grow. Through words and images, we explore the art, the science, and the chaos of love and life in the modern world. Our life and love depend upon others and reveal stories of passion and insight that explore all the ways that “I” become “we” in an ever changing and expanding world.

Kristi Yorks

Managing Editor

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