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  • Body-Love/Self-Love
  • One World; Many Loves: One Woman’s Story of Acceptance, Love, and Discovery
  • 10 Ways to Love You as You Are
  • How  I Learned to Stop Waiting and Start Living My Life


Virtual Romance

  • A Virtual Romance: Finding Love in the Modern World
  • Long Distance Romance: 10 Ways to Keep the Passion Alive
  • Over Mountains, Across Oceans: 3 Couples Whose Love Spans Continents


Unexpected Passion (discovering sensual experiences in the every day)

  • Peace and Passion: In Search of the Yogasm
  • 10 Ways to Rekindle Your Passion for Love and Life
  • The Couple that Plays Together, Stays Together


Laws of Attraction (love and romance in the modern era)

  • The End of Prince Charming? Redefining Love and Romance in the Modern World
  • The Laws of Attraction: The Science Behind Your Romance
  • Do Opposites Attract?



  • Coming Home: How Loss Inspired Me to Love Again


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