Kristi Yorks, Managing Editor
John O. Lewis, Executive Editor

Kristi Yorks

Managing Editor


Kristi has her Master of Fine Arts in Writing from Naropa University, she is an Associate Professor, an Editor, and a Writer.


Kristi dreams in ink; she writes books, tells stories, edits articles, performs poems, and makes sure to keep a pen and a notebook at her side at all times.


Her passion for language inspires her to traverse unknown spaces, to navigate new worlds (both real and imagined), while illuminating the stories that make us, us.

John O. Lewis

Executive Editor


John has his B.S. in Biology from the University of Arizona and a B.A. in Finance from San Diego State University.


His love for well written engaging stories, breathtaking photography, and spending time holding ... reading a beautiful print magazine has brought him here, to help build, Sensu Magazine.


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